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Discover Uganda Safaris  and more diverse tourism products with Abeam Safaris in Uganda. We arrange safaris and tours including gorilla trekking safaris, birding tours, nature / guided walks, wildlife game viewing, mountain climbing, religious tours, cultural tours and other custom-guided Uganda tours. We ensure that the client has a memorable safari while touring with Us.

We are an indigenous owned Uganda safaris and tour company; our strength is derived from the qualified and experience managers who have been in the Tourism Industry for the last fifteen years. Our services are cost effective and cater for your all categories of Safaris needs ranging from Budget, Medium and top of the range class. We tailor our Safaris; let our clients directly participate in planning the safari.

Uganda Travel Tips

A few tips for travelers going to Uganda, Africa or anywhere else.

After a chat with other travelers from all over the world, we have accumulated what would amass to a few travel tips that might make your life easier at some point or another. These tips will help you during your preparation to coming to Uganda.

Entry Requirements: A passport should be valid for least 6 month, visas are obtained on arrival at any entry point or at the Uganda representative in your country and it costs USD $50. You do not require photos to get the visa, present your passport to the immigration officer and you shall be issued one, however visa requirements are subject to change, we advice you check with relevant Ugandan representatives before you travel.

Departure Tax: Departure taxes are include on the cost of the ticking during the time of issuing, only to international passengers who intend to come to Uganda, its always good to check with your travel Agency while issuing your ticket.

Time : Uganda is GMT + 3 Hours.

Climate: Uganda enjoys ideal weather conditions, temperatures range between 21 to 25C; the rains are mainly between March – May and October – November in which seasons are good for planting crops. The dry seasons are for harvesting.

Health / Immunization : Good medical facilities are available in the main cities, however we advice that you take medical insurance before your arrival. Bring any special medication you may need. Malaria is encountered at certain times of the year, and it is advisable to take the usual prophylactics. For your own comfort take mosquito repellent. Bilharzia is present in some of our lakes and swimming is not recommended except in some designated areas. We recommend that you take only boiled or bottled mineral water to drink, in Hotels there will be flasks of water for drinking. Before you travel consult with you medical centre regarding the necessity for vaccination for yellow fever and cholera.

Eating and Drinking : Uganda is an incredible bounty country; with a range of food stuffs grown or caught and eaten is enormous. You would like to try matoke (plantains) often baked in their skins or in banana leaves, yams, sweet potatoes, delicious fat tinny bananas, small white aubergines, legendary Nile Perch and Tilapia fish. In the major cities there is very good international food on offer, Chinese and Indian to Greek, Italian, Spanish, American and British. Almost all over the country you will have no difficulty in obtaining vegetarian food – the Indian vegetarian range is particularly good.

What to Wear: Uganda is informal and for day time wear, mean need only sports shirts and slacks. It might be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear just some old ripped t-shirt and sweat pants but also realize that you get treated the way you look. We find that while a coat and tie might not be the most relaxing you do get a bit more respect and the chance to be upgraded. On the Uganda trails, we recommend cotton clothing which is light and easy to wash. Bright colours are not recommended if you want to blend into the landscape! Ladies need little more than light cotton dresses, skirts and tops. Make sure you bring a strong pair of walking shoes/boots. Do not forget sun glasses and a hat as protection against equatorial sun. In the evening you may need a sweater on trail, and in the cities a little more formality is required. Don’t forget your swimwear – many Hotels and Lodges have swimming pools.

Currency and exchange bureaus: Uganda is a free economy where one can change different currencies, the Currency in Uganda is the Uganda Shillings, and we recommend that you travel with Euros, Sterling or Dollars than you may exchange to get shillings. However, at the airport banks the rates are normally lower. The best place is to go to is either the central bank (in a major) city or even the local banks in the smaller towns. They will give you a better rate. Also look at the difference between exchange rates for traveler’s cheques, cash, credit cards and different currencies. Some of the best rates you can get are taking out a cash advance on you credit card or through an ATM.

Crime and Violence: After more than 20 years of stability, Uganda is now one of the safest country in Africa (possible the safest). However it’s sensible to take the same precautions that you would in any foreign country where you are a guest. Do not carry large rolls of money with you, you will be expected to be civil and respectful.

Please Remember: Our country and profusion of wildlife is not only our heritage and responsibility – it is yours, please take great care to respect the environment which we are all privileged to enjoy.

What to buy : A souvenir is an essential purchase during your visit to Uganda, to bring back many happy memories when you get home and some wonderful handcrafts can be found all over the country. In every village local people are skilled in creating colourful arts and crafts, both traditional and modern, which are hand worked to a very high standard. Many of the items are useful; but all of them are items of beauty with patterns and colours that reflect local cultures. Many of these souvenirs will be found in village markets and on road side stalls, but in Kampala and Entebbe there are several shops and markets that specialize in crafts. If there is some thing special you want, why not ask to have it made?

Uganda Tourism Industry is growing : After over decades of stability, Uganda is now ready and able to welcome tourists and offer them great hospitality. Make no mistake; you are unlikely to encounter service standards which you may expect in a highly developed tourist resort. Many of our facilities are quite basic and staffs are often extremely inexperienced. We are sure you will find that what Ugandans lack in experience they make up for many times in helpfulness, kindliness, unfading smiles and concern for your well-being. As a tourist to a young and inexperienced destination, we would ask you to respect this fact and honour our willingness to receive you as a guest in our country.


There are a number of Tele communication companies in Uganda that you can quickly get a hand set, fixed lines and internet services which include:- Pre-paid plans, Post-paid plans, International roaming, Dedicated customer care, One rate to all networks, Fax and Data, Call forwarding, Per second billing, Freedom. Forever, Mobile Top up

Celtel was launched in Uganda in 1995 and is part of Celtel International. We are Uganda’s most innovative mobile phone operator, and we were first ones.

MTN Uganda launched on October 21 1998, commercial services in Uganda, just six months after acquiring and signing of the license. MTN has since grown to be the leading Telecommunications Company in Uganda servicing in excess of 1,600,000 customers and we are still growing.

UTL: The oldest telecommunication company in the country, started as Uganda-s postal services dates as far back as 1895, when a British administrator, George Wilson. Privatized and rebranded as Uganda Telecoms Limited.

Warid launched on the 15th Jan 2007

Road Transport :Buses service most of the up country routes as well as other short routes, these can be boarded from designated terminals, the fees are market driven but one can negotiate them down ; Matatus (commuter taxis) service the suburbs of Kampala and also out of town stations their capacity ranges from 14 setters. Guests may also specially hire taxis or a metered cab and prices depend on the distance covered

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    • Take your pick from the highest mountain ranges in Africa, the Rwenzori mountains; one of the most power full waterfalls in the world, Murchison falls; or perhaps the highest primate density in the world in Kibale Forest National Park- Uganda has all this and more. It's a beautiful country with a great deal to offer and sooner or later the tourist hordes will 'discover its delights'- make sure you get here before they do you know what that means- cheap prices.
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